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With almost 20 years event experience (first starting in Asia), our UK team building activities and adventures are created to enhance team performance while ensuring you get amazing value and serious FUN!

Team Building and outdoor adventures UK

Team Building UK Events & Adventures

Laird Events deliver team building events and activities across the UK with a fun selection of programs for groups of any size. Wherever you are located we deliver indoor, outdoor, half day and full day activities at very affordable pricing. Each individual adventure has been carefully designed to be challenging while providing a rewarding experience.

Choose from a selection of activities designed to improve communication, collaboration and problem solving skills. We can even customise activities to your company’s services and values. Visit our partners: LairdTeam Asia


You may be familiar with corporate team building events and activities, so we’ve put together a list of the most common questions we get asked.

Corporate team building (also known as office bonding) is an activity that allows your employees to work together to complete a goal while creating a positive and fun environment. 

We can do corporate team building in a variety of ways, including: going outside to play a game or activity, completing an activity in the office, and going on a field trip. We love to focus on CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility.

Your goal is to choose a mix of activities that will help your team get to know each other better, build trust with one another, and have some fun! What better way is there to develop teamwork!

Our outdoor team building events vary in cost based on the size of the group you are working with, the type of activity you choose, and where you choose to do it. For example, if you choose to do a scavenger hunt in an urban area like London, then your activity will be a little more expensive than a rural region. Also, we have different prices for each activity. 

Team Building Events UK

We offer lower prices if you sign up for several activities at once; especially on the same day. 

How many hours should we have on an activity? It depends on what type of activity you choose, and your group’s ability. If the weather is hot, you’ll only be able to go out for half a day. It also depends on where you choose to go: if you have a special location in mind, your trip will require more time than if you go to the local park.

We can deliver team building and events activities anywhere across the UK including: Wale, Scotland, Cornwall. Please contact us for more information on our activities, locations and prices. We have a variety of city team building events in London!

The activity of your choice is entirely depend on what you’re trying to achieve. If you are looking for a fun event to raise funds, our Amazing Race may be the perfect solution. If you are looking to build trust and teamwork, our Bike Build activity could be a great team building event. You may simply want to generate awareness or increase sales of a product or service. Here, a Team Challenge or Treasure Hunt would be ideal.

Tailor activities to your products or services

We also have several bespoke activities designed specifically around your organisation’s objectives.*