Build a Bike for Children Fun CSR Team Building

Participants hold a bicycle wheel for assembly

Build a bike for children is a fun CSR UK team building event ending with a charitable donation. This build a bike UK event is challenging but very rewarding. Especially at the end of the event, when we introduce the children to receive your bikes and gifts. Our build a bicycle team building activity is focused around kids and may include solving clues, shopping, a quiz, creating a work of art and of course – build a bicycle.

Build a Bike CSR Team Building

  • Event Duration: 3-4 hours for this event although this could be dependent on group size.
  • Group Size: 25 persons to over 200+ depending on your chosen location
  • Location: Anywhere across the UK as long as we have a suitable indoor venue.
  • Benefits: Shared common goals, problem solving, leadership and communication.

Some Fun Shopping Phase

The first stage of this workshop requires your teams to solve clues for children’s items and then head to the nearest shopping centre to buy them. Items could include crayons, books, teddy bears, toys, baby powder and more.

Building a Bicycle Workshop

When teams return they will discover a bike which will need assembling. With the toolkits provided teams are required to assemble the bikes in a given time. Did we forget to mention most of the team members will be blindfolded. This is a team building event after all.

Bicycle Donation

We did say this team building event is very rewarding! At the end of the build a bike game your teams will donate the bicycles and purchased gifts to underprivileged children, usually from a local orphanage.

As we will take care of all the logistics, remember to keep this part a surprise for your group! You may even have a charity organisation of your choice which we can work with on your behalf. This fun event activity can easily be combined with our painting and art team building event anywhere in the UK.

We can plan event games where you raise money for charity – like building bikes for children with our Build a Bike program, or helping local orphanages. We can offer the social aspects of team building games like Treasure Hunt, or Art challenges. Visit our partners for a Fun Build a Bicycle activity Asia. If you would like to build your own bike get in touch.

Quotations are inclusive of:

Bicycles (one per team), build a bike kit, budget for shopping challenge, prize for each winning team member, transportation for children, snacks for children, consultants, emcee, and photographer.