Corporate Scavenger Hunts. Give Your Team An Amazing Day. 

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Corporate scavenger hunts are great fun, but they’re useful as team-building exercises in the workplace. You can use one to help motivate your employees and organize them to feel more like a team. You can also use them to encourage them to come up with creative solutions to problems that affect your business. Our scavenger hunts help build camaraderie, trust, and teamwork within your company, creating an environment where you can work efficiently and effectively.

What is a Corporate Scavenger Hunt?

Are you still wondering what a corporate scavenger hunt is? You’ve come to the right place. What are scavenger hunts? They are fun and competitive events where everyone tries to solve clues and complete tasks in order to win some amazing prizes. At Laird Events UK, we can design a scavenger hunt that fits your business perfectly by incorporating your products, services or ideals into our puzzles and games. We specialize in providing innovative events that stimulate your mind and promote a cooperative mentality within your workplace.

Corporate Scavenger Hunts and the Benefits

Corporate events have a long history of boosting morale and improving team performance. Make your next corporate meeting more than just another office get-together. This event is a fun and interactive team-building exercise that gives everyone an opportunity to interact with one another in a creative, energetic way.

These events are perfect for large groups or companies who want something outside of their normal routine. Besides fostering an environment where ideas are shared freely, our hunts also encourage group cohesion and help people socialize outside of work hours. Many find that coming together to collaborate on puzzles and riddles helps build rapport between colleagues. For clients, scavenger hunts show your attention to detail and ingenuity.

They’re often less costly than other types of entertainment, like off-site meetings or dinners out. They require little planning time. We’ll take care of the details so you can concentrate on completing all the tasks at hand!

Scavenger Hunts – Fantastic Locations

UK’s history is a rich tapestry of events, intrigue and adventure. Cobbled streets and monuments are an evocative reminder of times past. When you scratch beneath the surface, you realise the UK is no ordinary country: it’s got a twist. Sign up to take part in one of our fun hunts across the UK. You’ll get a unique insight into both its modern attractions and its historical marvels.

Different Scavenger Hunts

You’re thinking about throwing a scavenger hunt but aren’t sure which kind to do! There are three types of hunts to choose from. Classic hunts involve finding lists of items, team hunts use teamwork in completing a challenge and photo hunts have teams take photos at different locations. Our team scavenger hunt ideas can vary widely depending on what you want people to learn while playing.

This activity engages multiple senses and is perfect for clients who want fun activities that also promote growth. A good option if you’re trying to improve inter-team cooperation or get your employees out of their comfort zones. Many groups say they enjoyed it so much they set up their own activities after playing one with us! They will definitely keep them guessing throughout and engaged!

A History of Scavenger Hunts

Traditionally, scavenger hunts were used as team-building exercises. Over time, though, they have developed into a fun game anyone can play and enjoy with friends or family. Modern scavenger hunts usually start with a list of items. Find them and return in order to win. There is no defined number of items on such lists. Some treasure hunts could include 100 items or more.

Tailor Scavenger Hunts to your Organisation

If you’re having a corporate event in London or anywhere in the UK, why not do something fun and out of ordinary? By participating in a scavenger hunt through both famous and lesser-known locations around London, your employees will mingle with colleagues outside of their usual circle. We make most teams up of members who don’t know each other well. Hence, a scavenger hunt in London would help everyone become familiar with one another while they laugh at some comical challenges.

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If you’re looking for even more fun then perhaps an Amazing Race would suit you. Get in touch with us and don’t forget to add your group size, dates and location! Visit our partners for corporate scavenger hunts in Asia