Treasure Hunts Uncovering the UK’s Best Hidden Treasures. 

Corporate treasure hunt Team members looking at a map

Get together with a group of colleagues, clients or friends and enjoy corporate treasure hunts around some of the most beautiful areas of the UK. Use your problem-solving skills to solve clues, riddles, and challenges. Then find the next location where another hidden treasure awaits you. It doesn’t have to be getting-down-and-dirty. But it will get your heart racing while you try to figure out where we’ve hidden the clue to the location of your last treasure hunt UK! Read on for more about our treasure hunts:

Charity Treasure Hunts UK

Have you ever thought about organising a fun treasure hunt in London for your corporate team building event? Want to get your team thinking outside the box, out of their comfort zones and have an exciting time together? Now, try Treasure Hunt for Charity.  This campaign is amazing for charity fundraising events such as school fetes, galas, corporate days and sports events.

Treasure Hunts in London

Come, explore and enjoy London with your colleagues! Your treasure hunt day will let you traverse the streets and discover hidden places that you never knew existed. Get ready to be challenged as you face a variety of problems, solve puzzles, crack codes and work together to win. There are many things to do in London if you are looking for a London activities or something fun to do with friends and colleagues. Most people know about the big landmarks. Big Ben, Tower Bridge, The Eye, but what about the smaller landmarks? 

Our events give you a sample of landmarks with different levels of difficulty that you may want to consider for your team building event.

Fantastic Mountain Bike Adventures

We’ve developed a fantastic series of corporate activities with a range of different terrains and attractions. The treasure hunts in our series are not just any old treasure hunts, but ones that are carefully designed to provide the best customer experience possible.  We have developed treasure hunting activities at some amazing locations. These include cycling in the Peak District and Clumber Park, trekking through Sutton Park, or simply mountain biking in the Derbyshire Peaks.

Test Your Mind, Body and Soul with an Epic Games

It’s time to test your mind, qnd body with the best activities. Challenge yourself with epic results in your quest to earn massive rewards.  Are you a heart-racing adrenaline junkie who just can’t get enough excitement? Or do you need to reinvigorate your life? With an exciting adventure, our activities are a grand chance to push yourself mentally and physically, while earning golden rewards.

Deadlines help with the sense of urgency. So you need to set yourself some sort of goal to achieve during your event — perhaps a round of drinks?

Corporate Treasure Hunts UK

If this has inspired your group, then why not continue the business bonding adventure. Travel to another part of the country for a different challenge. 

  • Get together with friends, colleagues, clients to go on a treasure hunt 
  • Solve clues and challenges for a spot of friendly competition 
  • Enjoy the beauty of some of the most picturesque locations in the UK
  • Transfer a normal business meeting into a memorable one
  • Enjoy a treasure hunt of surprises exclusive to your group

With tailormade packages, you can do an activity in each area of the U.K. From The Peak District to the Yorkshire Moors, through The Lake District and Cotswolds. And whatever part of the UK you choose, there is always something fun to do, even if it’s just time in the pub!

Why not visit our partners for Treasure Hunts Singapore and Thailand. Contact Laird Events UK for more information or prices. Don’t forget to add your group size, dates and location.