Fashion Team Building Activities Through Design and Creativity

Fashion and design corporate team building activity

Fashion team building events are a great way to express yourselves through design and creativity. We have a variety of themed, team building workshops for the fashion conscious and you don’t need to be Calvin Klein or perhaps Giorgio Armani to participate. Whether you’re focused on haute couture or ready to wear garments each team is required to create and design their own brand label.

  • Event Duration: 4-5 hours for this event although this could be a full day event.
  • Group Size: 25 persons to over 200+ depending on your chosen location
  • Location: Anywhere across the UK although we recommend a city or town location.
  • Benefits:  Shared common goals, balanced participation, leadership and communication.

Fashion Activities UK

Depending on your chosen location in the UK our fashion event may start off with some bargain shopping. Let’s be honest – we all love a little shopping now and then! For groups that are unable to venture outside we can set up an in-house garments and accessories shop. After the shopping phase teams create their brand logo, garments for each catwalk model and the overall presentation. We also have a fun art and painting workshop.

Great Teamwork Never Goes Out of Fashion

The most creative part of this team building event could be the materials you decide on to make your clothes. We’ve had teams in the past use bubble wrap, plastic bin liners, sticky tape, and even spaghetti! Perhaps you could eat the clothes at the end of the event. When the log, garments and presentation has been prepared this is where team members model their beautiful collection on the catwalk.

Fashion Team Building Activities UK

Models strut their stuff as you tell your audience why your brand is the best. Get ready to be questioned by a panel of judges before they vote on the best corporate brand label. We can even arrange a fun fashion model shoot at the end of this fashion team building event from one of our professional photographers enabling your teams, to take home a portfolio of their fashion brand. As with all our other events, get in touch so we can easily tailor your fun, corporate fashion event. This is a team building activities for adults or kids.

Quotations are inclusive of:

Clothing etc., scissors, sewing equipment, drawing materials , prizes, consultants, emcee, and all associated materials and design required for movie making. Why not check our a few of our other indoor events such as Painting Activities and Build a Bike Charity Event. Visit our partners: Excel Solutions Asia Fashion Team Building Bangkok.