Painting and Art Workshops To Enhance Your Teams Creativity.

Team admires their work of art

You don’t need to be Picasso, Rembrandt or Salvador Dali to enjoy this art, painting team building activity. Participate and enjoy various forms of art workshops that encourages creativity while developing team work in a relaxed environment. You begin with a blank canvas and the necessary art equipment such as watercolours, gouache, poster paints, brushes, crayons or whatever else you want, to creative that masterpiece.

Start with a blank canvas and create a big picture!

  • Event Duration: 4-5 hours for this event although this would depend on group size.
  • Group Size: 5 persons to over 200+ depending on your chosen location
  • Location: Anywhere across the UK although we recommend a picturesque location.
  • Benefits:  Shared common goals, balanced participation, creativity and communication.

Painting Art team Building UK

Each teams creates their own work of art however, at the end of the event they need to put their canvas together to showcase an even bigger piece of art. The question is – will all the team’s canvas pieces fit and be coordinated including the colours? Will it all come together to make one coherent visual display?

Painting Art Locations UK

Locations could include the quaint Cornish villages, amazing architecture of London, beaches or just about anywhere your group wants to visit. This art event is only dependent on your budget and how far you want to travel! We highly recommend art workshops London. If you have your own art workshop ideas drop us a line.

Let’s not forget this is one of those team building corporate or private events you get to take back home with you. Hang the artworks up in your workplace as a reminder of the fun you had during the event, and give your teams the gift of inspiration. What better way is there to relieve boredom at work! Fore more information of this art event get in touch by phone, email or our contact form below. We can provide a no obligation quote within 24 hours.

Art Workshops are inclusive of:

Materials including paints, brushes, pencils, crayons etc. prizes, consultants, emcee, and all associated materials and design required for this art event.