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Team building a raft on the beach

Raft building events are guaranteed to get you wet and this event, is one of our most popular team building activities. This is extremely fun event and ideal event for beaches and lakes across the UK. Our team building activities never feel like another day at the office. We provide the equipment required to build your raft which may include bamboo, ropes, rubber rings, barrels and pvc pipe. The materials are dependent on your chosen location.

Team building on a Beach or Lake!

  • Event Duration: 3-4 hours for this event although this could be a half day event.
  • Group Size: 25 persons to over 300+ depending on your chosen location
  • Location: Anywhere across the UK at coastal region, lakeside or safe river.
  • Benefits: Shared common goals, balanced participation, leadership and communication.

Raft Building Challenge

Your teams are given time to plan what your rafts are going to look like. During this phase, team members cannot touch the equipment. Let the building begin! Using all the equipment provided participants assemble and build their rafts and upon completion, we conduct a safety check. You’ll soon learn if your knots and planning are enough to keep you afloat.


Equipment consists of rope, floats, planning materials and the odd shark or two!

Raft Safety Check

A little flip and shake usually tells us the stability of your raft and if you will survive! Your safety is always our priority. Each raft is then taken down to the waters edge which maybe your chosen lake, beach or river!

Rafting On the Water

This is the most fun part of this event, as your teams climb onto the raft and hope it doesn’t fall apart. We may also include a set or relay races just to see how long you can last! As an additional bonus (time permitting) teams could also create and paint their very own pirate flags!

Build a Raft Locations

Raft building Wales, Scotland or anywhere for an awesome team building activity. The choice is yours. See our partners for raft building team building activities in Thailand.

Quotations are inclusive of:

All materials during the event, bamboo, rope, inflatables, cardboard, tape etc., prize for the winning team, consultants, MC, professional photographer. Get in touch with us today and don’t forget to tell us your group size, dates and location.

It is the construction of a raft, a flat-bottomed boat or float typically made of logs, planks, or inflatable tubes, used as a watercraft or a platform for other activities.

Raft building equipment may consist of Bamboo, plants, floats, rope, and drums dependent on your designated location and budget.

Absolutely! Why not a beach clean up campaign or beach scavenger hunt. If you’re planning on this activity perhaps something a little different: corporate shark fishing in Cornwall.