5 Amazing Corporate Team Building Activities in London

Corporate Team Building Activities In London

London is one of the most vibrant and exciting cities worldwide. From its stunning architecture, to its thriving economies and a rich cultural scene, London is a terrific place to experience. Capitalise on this by organising a team activities in London with Laird Events. Here are some ideas for corporate team building events that will bring your employees closer together and help them become even more productive. Read on for our outdoor team building activities London!

5 Awesome Team Building Activities in London

London Treasure Hunts

Our fun Treasure Hunts in London get your colleagues working together, and outdoors, as they explore the city of London using our custom clues. Treasure hunts are amazing team building exercises because they encourage friendly competition between colleagues, stimulate problem solving skills and help people bond outside of the office environment. And it’s not just about having fun. As with any wonderful adventure, there are also some serious challenges to overcome in our Treasure Hunts!

The London Amazing Race.

There are many Corporate Team Building Activities in London, but none so much fun as the Amazing Race.

Our Amazing Race in London is an exciting, adventurous, interactive and unique experience for your company or clients. We have set a route across the city with various tasks along the way and points awarded for each task. Each team must navigate and completing challenges while snapping photos of their adventure along the way. We may ask you to take photos of famous landmarks, snap shots of items on shelves, do a full product layout in a shop window or find hidden clues or characters at specific locations. The winner is the first team to complete all the tasks and gain the most points.

London CSR Clean Up Campaigns

Start your green CSR campaign then with a corporate clean up. It’s an easy, cost effective way for businesses to help the environment, increase staff morale and get involved in the community. Our first step in organising your clean up is to find out what kind of waste you are looking at. Certain areas of this vibrant city are still polluted. Once we have established your chosen location, we can plan how to tackle the problem.

London Fashion and Design Creative Activities

Our fashion workshop is a creative activity for teams to express themselves. This team building activity involves creativity and imagination. Your group will be required to play the part of a fashion and design team, working together to bring their ideas to life on the catwalk. 

In order to achieve this, your group will work with materials such as fabric, paint, paper, beads and other craft items. Your team will need to come up with original outfits. You create runway artworks or catwalk presentations for your fashion show. Are you interested in having fun? Then our creative team building activities will give you an inside look into the hip London fashion scene. 

How about some fun shopping? Perfect for groups that want to get away from their everyday office environment. A hands-on experience in one of the most stylish cities. That’s right, we’re talking about London. We provide transportation to local markets and we can customize your itinerary based on your group’s unique interests.

London Film Activities on an iPad

Do you want to add a little Hollywood flair to your next corporate team building event? Then our Hollywood Movie Activity team building event is for you! The workshop has allowed aspiring filmmakers to create original content on an iPad. You will learn all the technical basics needed to produce great creative content. 

We split the workshop into four key areas: script, act, shoot, and edit. Each section will have its own dedicated tutor and class time. So you will have plenty of opportunity for guidance. Everyone’s time will be spent making films and having fun. Have you ever imagined what it’s like to be a Movie Star?

Imagine your team suddenly becoming movie stars for a day. No, we aren’t talking about being extras in a movie, but becoming the center of attention. An exciting team building program that will have each member of your group rubbing elbows with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

Visit the Top Landmarks in London

London is one of the most visited cities worldwide. It’s also home to some of the most famous landmarks in the world. Steeped in history and culture, it’s hard to know where to start. With magnificent buildings, museums, tours and attractions, it’s hard to choose where to visit first. Trying to see all of these magnificent sites can take months. With corporate team building activities in London you won’t feel overwhelmed by this beautiful city.

Corporate team building events are the perfect way to see the top landmarks. These events are exciting ways for teams to bond as they experience London’s sights together. It is a great way to meet people. They can make new friends and enjoy the activities. Choose a corporate team building event which allows you to visit some of the best tourist attractions in the capital city. Don’t settle for anything less! You will have more fun!

London provides a host of activities for corporate groups looking for fun group activities. Our team building activities in London can play an important part in developing teamwork. Team building activities sharpen communication skills and improve performance in the workplace, but can also be fun.

Team Building Benefits

There are many benefits that come with running these team building activities in London: It encourages teamwork. Each team member will work together to create something truly unique. It involves a great deal of trust and collaboration among members of the team.

How do you describe London?

It’s the question I ask people when I’m putting together activities in Londod. There are two answers, one long-winded and boring, the other short and punchy. The long-winded answer runs something like this: “London is a global, multicultural, big-city capital that is a major centre of finance, fashion and culture.”

The short answer is: “London is cool.”

With apologies to New York, London is probably the coolest city on earth. It’s got hot clubs, great restaurants, amazing history and unique sights in abundance. Anybody who has spent any time there will know what I mean; it’s almost impossible to put into words. And anyone who hasn’t been should go at once.

Team Building Activities London – Summary

We can hold corporate team building activities on any day. However, by fitting it into busy working hours, you can achieve maximum results with minimum disruption to your business schedule. Instead of taking time off, use it to be productive. Plan a corporate event on-site during work hours.

This allows employees to come together under one roof and learn new skills, network and build relationships. Our activities can be a great way to get employees out of their comfort zone and working with one another in a fun environment. Some companies use the concept of team building as an introduction for new employees.

Fun Group Activities London – Get in Touch

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today with your group size, dates and location and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours! If you have any new team away day ideas we would love to know! Read more: Wiki – The city of London