Virtual team building webinars are the latest tool to improve company efficiency and profitability. Webinars not only help your company become more productive but also help your company become more profitable because virtual team building helps workers feel more invested in the success of the company.

Virtual team building webinars can be used in all kinds of workplaces such as large corporations, small businesses, and non-profit organizations that want to increase their productivity and profitability through decreased turnover and improved customer service.

1) What is virtual team building?

Virtual team building is a great way for people in different areas of a global business to interact and build better working relationships. Virtual team building allows employees from across locations and countries to work together on projects or brainstorming sessions without actually having to be in each other’s physical presence.

Virtual meetings, virtual tours, and webinars are some popular forms of virtual team building available today.

Virtual team building versus traditional team building

A conventional, in-person team building activity is most likely not going to work for you. They’re time consuming and costly, which means it can be difficult to scale. Don’t have enough staff members? No problem!

The beauty of virtual team building is that you can reach a greater number of people at once at a fraction of the cost. Convenient, affordable, effective—what more could you ask for?

2) Why use virtual teambuilding?

Virtual team building is a great way for employees from all different areas of an organization to learn more about each other and work together on a problem, regardless of location. In fact, these events can be less expensive than in-person getaways because they can include multiple locations with minimal travel time and expenses for everyone involved.

Also, employees working remotely will appreciate the effort their employer has put into making them feel like part of a cohesive team.

3) When can we build virtual teams?

If there is a business need that requires different people from different areas of a company or if you have too many teams working on a project, then it’s probably time to start thinking about virtual team building.

The main difference between virtual and traditional teams is how team members interact with each other. When you create a virtual team, it means that everyone will be working from home or from their local area, which can greatly reduce overhead costs.

4) What are the essential tasks during a virtual meeting?

Not every meeting needs to be face-to-face. But what you do need is a shared understanding of how virtual meetings should proceed. It helps if everyone is on board with what’s important, and that includes knowing what it is that makes virtual meetings productive.

That way, we can craft an agenda that maximizes output during our time together and achieve more than we could in real life (and all from our desks!).

5) Webinar presentation platforms, Zoom and Google Meet

Three powerful technologies that can be used for virtual team building are Zoom, Teams and Google Meet. Both allow participants to share, videos, documents, screens and web pages. When using one of these platforms for virtual team building, it is important to ask all participants if they have reliable internet connections.

This will eliminate problems with having your online meeting lag out or stop altogether due to spotty connections.

Key Features of Our Webinars

Here are some more benefits of an Online event Webinars with Excel Solutions Asia

  • Professional webinars from an established company
  • Get to know those around you without leaving the office
  • Reduce overall costs such as traveling, hotels, etc.
  • Multiple participants can train at a single location
  • Training from a professional event organiser
  • An alternate way to have a FUN team building event.
  • Your company can attend the webinar from any location Worldwide
  • Ideal for those who are uncomfortable in large groups
  • Low costs compared to all our other events
  • Our Webinars will give your online team building a truly professional feel
Virtual Team Building Webinars